Hackers Infect Alicia Keys MySpace

November 9th, 2007 § 0 comments

New York Times:

The MySpace page of singer Alicia Keys has become the latest vehicle for malware on the Web.

When visitors click almost anywhere on these infected site, they are directed to co8vd.cn/s, which appears to be a Chinese malware site. The visitors then see a box on their screen telling them they need to install a special codec to view the video – a legitimate possibility on any site rich in media. But if the visitor clicks ‘yes’, the site installs software that appears to be a rootkit and DNS changer. This would allow the hackers to take over what you see on your browser and what you download onto your computer.

Could be worse. They could download some of Alicias’ music to your computer.

Funny, no mention of the attack on MySpace in the Sun, online at least.

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