These Boots Were Made For Walking

November 25th, 2007 § 0 comments

These are my Caterpillar boots.
At the time, they cost me £93.
They are 12 years old.
I have worn them to work in offices, and in workshops.
I have passed driving tests in them, and they’ve protected my feet in motorcycle crashes.
I have been my mates best man in them, and got married myself wearing them.
They can be worn with the laces done up, or can be not done up and they will still stay on.
I have gone to festivals in them, and worn them at job interviews.
They are one size too big and so have had to wear bloody thick socks, or two pairs of ordinary ones, whenever I put them on.
The soles are now worn out, and if they were a motor, they would’ve been round the clock, twice.
The soles, due to the mileage they’ve done, are now shaped so that they are no longer comfortable and are worn through, but the uppers are still perfectly presentable.
I have some new boots now. Dr Martens. I think they’ll be good, once they’re broken in.
But I don’t think I’ll throw My Cats out just quite yet.


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