Police Pay Rise pt II

December 14th, 2007 § 0 comments

Am I the only one that thinks the important thing about the row about the police pay rise isn’t the fact that if it isn’t back dated, it turns out, in real terms, not to be 2.5% but 1.9%.
Or that the police are talking about talking about striking.
Not that they aren’t important, but looking at the bigger picture, why has no-one (and I could be wrong as I don’t have time to trawl through every news service and blog) mentioned the fact that the Home Secretary completely ignored the ruling of the arbitration service. Showing a complete disregard for it, undermining it and in the process showing that the govt. cannot be trusted.
The next time a public service cannot agree with the govt. on a pay deal, they might as well not bother with UCAS and go straight to industrial action.

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