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I’m not going to link to him, because I find his blog very offensive he’s a cunt. It’s all war talk, as if Britain is going to ‘fall’ to ‘the moslems’.

Innocent children and their families across Great Britain are relying on each of us to stand our ground in the face of this Islamic savagery that is being inflicted upon us, our children and our society.

For fucks sake, get to the psychiatrist and stop being so fucking paranoid.
Yes there is some Muslims that have extremist views, but nothing like the amount this fuckwit talks like.
Apparently he goes about getting Al-Queada (however the fuck you spell it) nicked in Luton and Dunstable for drug dealing. Fine, grand job, get the nasty dealers off the street. But how many of them are actually fucking terrorist and not just fucking dealers who are bigging themselves like the Lyrical Terrorist. Not fucking many, I’ll bet. Do you go after non-Asian/Muslim dealers?
Lionheart talks like our women and children can’t sleep safely in their beds with all those brown people with their funny language thinking about them all the time and what they want to do to them.

He’s a cunt. I am embarrassed and ashamed that he’s British. Fortunately, unlike all those ‘Moslems’*, us British aren’t all the same.
He’s going to be interviewed with regard to inciting hatred of some sort or another, religious or racial, because of the stuff on his blog.
There is stuff like:

This fight for my freedoms and liberty, is a fight for your freedoms and liberty also, and at the end of it, it is for those children of the next generation, because if we do not stand up for ourselves now and our way of life then who will?

which to me is a call to arms, but he doesn’t say explicitly to physically attack anyone, not that have seen with a cursory look at his site.
So. Do I stand in solidarity with him?
Reluctantly, yes. Only in the fight for freedom of speech. And he needs a good slap to bring him out of his hysteria.

Religion. Someones always got to take it too seriously and spoil the fun.

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