Mark Steel on Blairs converstion

January 4th, 2008 § 0 comments

Mark Steel:

As with most of his decisions, it’s doubtful whether this conversion is due to a seriously held conviction. For example, if he’s a devoted Catholic, why did he and Cherie undergo a rebirthing in Mexico in 2001, described in The Times thus: “Mr Blair and his wife, wearing bathing costumes, were led to the Temazcal, a brick-coloured pyramid… They were told the Temazcal was like the womb and those participating in the ritual must confront their hopes and fears before venturing outside… The Blairs were offered watermelon and papaya, thentold to smear what they did not eat over each other’s bodiesalong with mud from the Mayan jungle.”

So at that point Blair seems to have looked at Catholicism, with its insistence that we’re all born with stained souls due to Eve being persuaded to eat an apple by a talking snake, and its belief that through a weekly offering you’re accepting the blood and body of Jesus, and he’s said: “The problem with this religion is it’s not mad enough for me.”

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