MSC Napoli: One year on

January 18th, 2008 § 0 comments

Last January the cargo ship MSC Napli ran aground off the coast of Branscombe.


In January 2007, scavengers swarmed to Branscombe in Devon in search of plunder. But what happened to the booty they took away?

A year on, the MSC Napoli still casts a shadow over Branscombe – literally.

Half of its stern, still waiting to be removed by salvagers, is still visible from the shore.

When it ran aground off the coast of Branscombe, the villagers could not have predicted what the wreck would bring them.

And the best bit? Keeping traditions going:

[a person] admits that his attempts to profit from the Napoli’s fate has not been universally well-received in the area.

“There are some pompous gits who say it shouldn’t be allowed, that it’s vandalism,” he says. “But wrecking is a great west country tradition.

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