Poor old Sderot

January 21st, 2008 § 0 comments


Getting Away With Murder

It turns out that this is stupendously easy. The magic word is “Sderot”. Poor old Sderot. Poor, wretched Sderot. Gaza is a place where “rage” boils and bubbles over, especially since the “Hamas takeover” (the failed Fatah putsch, in other words), and Sderot pays the price. Rockets, empty streets, fleeing mattresses, the dog not getting walked. Poor, miserable Sderot.

Gaza has been under Israeli siege for some time. It is starving. Aid can’t get in, because of Israel’s blockade. Israel continues to ravage the territory with air strikes. As usual, Israel’s imposition of its preferred racial order in the Middle East regionally intersects with its domestic racial order. The daily massacres in Gaza coincide with the internal campaign against the Bedouin of the Negev, the ongoing theft of Palestinian land and property, the ‘Judaising’ of annexed territory, the construction of segregated roads, all the usual. In the West Bank, a Fatah fiefdom since June, attacks are frequent. It doesn’t matter how much Abbas connives – even his allies are not safe from Israeli assassination.

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