An Appeal…

February 12th, 2008 § 0 comments

…for help.
Not the sort of help Tim was after, of which, the half time report (with Nick & Elroy) updates on what’s going on and who the players are (the half-time show looks promising too), but for some techie help.

I’ve bought a domain name from (ok, ok, I know *now*) and can’t get it working properly with blogger and am hacked off waiting for 123regs’ support to reply. If you a regular reader (I can dream, can’t I?) you might’ve noticed me struggling already.
So if you can help drop us a line and I’ll let you know the problem. There may be an honourable mention and a link in my blogroll in it for you. If you’re already in my blogroll, then there’s not a lot else I can offer really.


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