Transplants and Adoptions

February 26th, 2008 § 0 comments

This is the future. Everyones a winner, even those that don’t want us to play god with DNA and stuff. It’s looks the best way to reduce organ waiting lists so far.

Medical Adoption: The organs you need – the home they deserve

Everyone can benefit from a Medical Organ Adoption Solution.

Finding high-quality organs in a timely fashion can often be a problem. You can’t buy them for any price legally, and attempts to do so often end in the disasters only afforded by the underground, black market of illicit organs.

If you need a lifesaving organ transplant, you have to meet strict, often unfair criteria, and then wait for your turn to come up on the list, regardless of urgency. You might get the pound of flesh you need to continue your life, and you might not.

The Chance to Give Back as Much as You Get.
We are a domestic and international adoption agency where parents are free to adopt a child who is a perfect match (up to 18 yrs) for the transplant of one or more “non-essential” organs to be donated to one of the adopting parents or your own children. Your new son or daughter would give you their heart, if it was possible, but a lung, eye or three feet of intestine might be enough to prove that love.

Do you want to meet some of the kids? I bet you’re dying to.
How about Natia Budzianowski, 15, from Georgia

An orphan whose parents whereabouts have never been known, she spent six years working in the underage sex-trade, several more years in foster homes, and now needs a new home. She’s since discovered our Lord Jesus Christ, pledged a vow of chastity, and has been free of the sins of physical flesh for more than six-months, though suggests that this may be open to negotiation.

or there’s Masha, an 11 year old from Russia

Masha’s mother died in child birth, and her father was involved in an industrial accident almost six years ago. Without support, she’ll be nothing more than a mere statistic in the orphan system in the faltering nation state. She loves playing with dolls, and would like for a loving family to help her take a bath and show her how best to take her antibiotics, assuming she gives an organ so great as to need it.

If it’s a boy you need then John Lee a Chinese 16 year old

A strong, strapping, handsome boy, and one of the very few males available for adoption from China, John has charmed our representatives with his limited command of the English language, despite his severe learning disabilities and lack of thumbs. John enjoys tending to small, household animals, but would also like to learn about cooking, cleaning and being a faithful household servant.

or if you want a younger child there is Angela Garciapara, aged 6 from Mexico.

There is no record of what happened to her family, or to whom she may be related, but she is a dedicated Catholic, already baptized and well on her way to confirmation. Angela has thick, dark hair, and flawless kidneys.

It’s got to be better than the current system, don’t you think?

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