Des Browne wants to be a coroner

March 18th, 2008 § 0 comments

Hot on the heels of Ben Griffins silencing comes an attempt by the govt. to make sure coroners record the right verdict.

The Guardian:

The defence secretary, Des Browne, has gone to the high court in an attempt to prevent coroners criticising the Ministry of Defence during military inquests.

Government lawyers yesterday presented papers to the Royal Courts of Justice asking for a court order banning coroners from accusing the MoD of “serious failings” when recording verdicts on service personnel deaths

Where the fuck do we live? The USSR?
Mr Fucking Browne, YOU CANNOT DECIDE WHAT THE FAULT OF SOMEONES DEATH IS! That’s the job of the coroner. If he finds that a flak jacket the proper vehicle to go on patrol in would’ve save a soldiers life but he didn’t have one because you never gave hime one when you should’ve, then it’s YOUR fault.

The defence secretary claimed the phrase was tantamount to blaming the government for the deaths of servicemen and could be seen as deciding civil liability, potentially being used by families seeking to sue for compensation.

The phrase isn’t tantamount to blaming the government, it IS blaming the government.

Stop wriggling, you shit and take responsibility.

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