‘Dreamy’ Nadine

March 12th, 2008 § 0 comments

Nadine Dorries:

I had no idea that England was far more important to the Islamists than America – following on from 9/11, I thought it would be the other way round.

Where do you get that idea? Is the UK called ‘Great Satan‘? Not as far as I’m aware. More like Satans’ Little Helper.


I suppose it stands to reason that here is the home, the mother country of the English language, of world finance, of law and innovation, and some of the most famous universities in the world.

Because Islamists are offended by English and business and education? Nothing to do with going to war with them, having troops in what they see as occupying their holy land, and generally the ruling elites of the UK and USA having sod all respect for Islamic tradition and culture.


Symbolism is everything to the Islamist in the midst of a Jihad, the holy war we are silently engaged in.

I’ve no idea about the symbolism, so moving on…


Apparently, the minaret of a mosque, which will be built in Oxford, will stand taller than the dreamy spires.

So what? If It’s had proper planning permission, just like every other building.


Standing taller is all that matters, it’s the most important thing. Symbolic.

As in most cultures. Places are always pleased to have the tallest this or largest that.


To the Islamist, America is a Johnny come lately, it’s England that matters.

Delusion. Of. Grandeur.


Whereas anyone walking by may not even notice the towering height, casting a shadow over a dreamy spire, to the Islamist it represents a triumphant call to arms.

And the passer-by will think it’s just another innocent call to prayer.

Oh, fuck off. It’s a church spire that might be not be quite the tallest thing in Oxford anymore. And the call to prayer doesn’t sound very triumphant to me. It just sounds like a call to prayer, really. It’s not going to be five times a day, as the doommongerers reckon, yes I’m looking at you Verity, it’ll be once on the most important prayer on the most important day, Friday.
And why not, churches broadcast their call to prayer once a week.

And it’s ‘dreaming‘ you bint.

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