Israel pulls out at last

March 3rd, 2008 § 0 comments


GAZA CITY (AFP) — Israeli forces pulled out of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Monday after days of clashes that killed more than 110 Palestinians and dealt a major blow to nascent Middle East peace talks.

Residents in the north of the territory cautiously ventured out from their homes and picked through the rubble as Israeli tanks and ground troops withdrew following the deadliest Israeli military blitz on Gaza in years.

“The operation is winding down. Almost all our forces have already returned to Israel,” a military spokesman told AFP.

The bloody assault earned Israel international condemnation for excessive use of force and caused moderate Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to cut contacts with the Jewish state shortly before US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives in the region aiming to push revived peace talks.

Since the dramatic escalation in violence last Wednesday, 116 Palestinians, including 22 children and dozens of militants, have been killed, according to Gaza health ministry statistics. More than 350 were wounded.

Two Israeli soldiers were also killed in the clashes and one Israeli civilian died in a rocket attack launched by Gaza militants.

Of course, there was the usual bollox spouted about not wanting to kill civilians and they brought it on themselves.
OK, they people of Sderot might be scared of the rocket attacks (I’ve heard them described elsewhere as missiles. They’re hardly that), and have to run for cover now and again, but not only do the Gazans have to worry about the might of the IDF coming to not just kill their fighters, but their children too, they also have to worry about starvation, hypothermia, lack of medical stuff and other things associated with a society being strangled to extinction. Would the people of Sderot sit on their collective arse and let their occupation carry on without letting their oppressor they’re there? No. They wouldn’t. Would Israel let someone else control it’s borders, for example, put up with Syria controlling it’s borders with Jordan? No, but that is what’s happening with Gazas’ border with Egypt. And the Palestinians are just supposed to let it happen, eh?
Oh, the figure quoted above, 116 Palestinians killed, 22 of them children. That’s over a fifth of the people killed are children. Children don’t just wander about with out at least one parents about, so just how many ‘militants’ did Israel kill? Oh, yes, in Israels’ eyes, they’re all militants, aren’t they.
All Israel has done is speed up the genocide.

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