You’re Fired!

March 27th, 2008 § 0 comments

I am pretty happy with the BBC on the whole. I think it does a good job, usually, is, for the price of it, good value for money when compared to the likes of sky where you pay , £15 a month and get American shit thrown at you.
But why do they keep getting on the breakfast news fucking idiots like the twat that got fired from the apprentice?

OK, maybe doing a bit of an article on whatever subject Panorama is doing that night is OK, as it’s a current affairs programme, but The Apprentice? (I am aware that it also does it to the dancing programmes too, but they don’t promote the trampling of everything and everybody that gets in the way of making money.)

The news is not for plugging any old programme. Who got ‘voted’ off by the public who have nothing better to do or fired by Mr Big is not fucking news.

The presenter (well, they ain’t newsreaders anymore, are they?) introduced it like this, to paraphrase: “Sir Alan Sugar fired his first apprentice, last night, and we’ll be speaking the unlucky person in a few minutes. And don’t worry, I won’t say who it is.”
You can say his name all you want, love. No fuckers heard of him. He had less than an hour of TV last night. He fucked up by not being able to price up fish, ffs. He reckons failure is a GCSE grade B. His closing quote at the end of the programme was ‘If it was down to me, I wouldn’t have failed’ (or got fired, i can’t remember properly, but you get the drift). Oh, fuck off.

I think the reason this has got my goat this morning is that what the apprentice does bring more real wankers (as apposed to fictional ones) onto the screen, when there’s enough of them on the screen anyway, running countries and stuff. We don’t need Joe ‘Wanker’ Public on the telly too.

One of the fuckers said that he would loss everything for this job, family, friends, he didn’t care. Well I’d say you’ve done that bit quite well already then. Another said she was probably the best salesperson in Britain (or was it Europe)! If you’re that good, why are you on this fucking programme about to make a cunt of yourself? Why aren’t you already making a fuck load of cash with no need to embarrass yourself and you family chasing the capitalists’ dream?

Get a proper fucking life.

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