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April 16th, 2008 § 0 comments

Via Tygerland.

The Enemies of Reason:

Every Click is a Good Click

…Every click is a good click. That’s the important thing to remember. If you get an ignorant, bigoted, stupid, vile, nasty, thuggish, bullying bastard visiting your website, that’s a good thing. Imagine a suedeheaded BNP goon in a bomber jacket knocking on your door – would you let him in? No? OK then, what if, by letting him in, you knew you could make more money – would that affect your opinion? Still no? Say you got paid for every person who visited your house, and the more times they came back the more you got paid, and the longer they stayed the more you got paid. Let’s say that your house – let’s call it The Internet – is next door to your neighbours’ houses, TV, Radio and Newspapers. They don’t like letting the BNP thug in, to be honest, and he’s pretty frustrated. He feels discriminated against and feels he’s not welcome there. And remember, the more times he comes to your house, the more money you get. What would be wrong in having him pop round every now and then? Would that be so wrong?

Every click is a good click. Just bear that in mind. If you can get more cash from advertising – or, in the case of the BBC, get more clicks to show the valuable work you’re doing in providing a forum for public debate, thereby demonstrating the importance of the licence fee – then you’ll take it. I’ve mentioned before how the far right, including the BNP and some elements of UKIP, are pretty clued up about this. They know they don’t have many places where they can get their message across – but they’re organised, they’re dedicated and they do certainly believe in what they’re saying.

So if you can create a place where these people feel right at home, it makes sense they’re going to come back time and time again, doesn’t it? Especially if you encourage them by asking a series of loaded questions, frequently repeating exactly the same question over and over again to make sure that it doesn’t drop off the radar and that they have the opportunity to make the same points repeatedly, tediously and laboriously. More clicks for you = more money from advertising. Every click is a good click.

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