Rebels call off tax change revolt

April 23rd, 2008 § 0 comments

Yahoo News:

Labour rebels have called off their revolt over the abolition of the 10p income tax rate after Alistair Darling promised to compensate poor households who will lose out from the change.

Former minister Frank Field said he was withdrawing a rebel amendment which had attracted the signatures of 45 Labour MPs and threatened Gordon Brown with his first Commons defeat as Prime Minister.

The move came after Mr Darling announced he would meet one of the rebels’ key demands that compensation should be backdated to the start of this financial year, when the tax change comes into effect.

In a letter to the chairman of the Commons Treasury Select Committee, Mr Darling said that he would use the winter fuel payment system, tax credits and the minimum wage to help two groups thought most likely to lose out from the abolition of the 10p rate – low-income households without children and pensioners aged 60-64.

Why not have a lower tax band, maybe as low as 10p, and then people would see more of their money in their wages rather than have the taxman fuck up their benefit payments/credits/allowances because of incompetence/overcomplication of system and then everyones a winner.
People pay less taxes, the civil service can spend the resources used to work out he allowance on something else and the government can claim less people on benefits/tax credits etc.

The ‘rebel’ MPs’ shouldn’t be so fucking pleased with themselves either.
It was what? Eleven months from the budget to when the 10p tax band was abolished and they’ve only just got off their arses and realised it’s a load of shite and done something?

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