Abortion vote: not quite live blogging

May 20th, 2008 § 0 comments

I’m not going to to be able to keep up with the debate whilst blogging it, so I’m just going to pull out various quotes I hear and see from others blogging it.
(Don’t expect anything good, it’s more of an exercise for myself that anything else)

2033: Dawn Primarolo says stick to facts and not anecdotes

2035: Widdecombe asks what is the point of the lethal injection?
[What a fucking stupid question! It’s to kill the fucking feotus! The baby is being aborted, it is alive in the womb.]

2040: Primarolo states many of the reasons and figures i’ve read at MoT with regards to the survivability of the 20/21/22 week feotii(?)

2042: Phil Willis makes the point that the women having an abortion @ 23 weeks are actually showing themselves as many as 2 weeks earlier

2045: Mark Durkan – why the viability limit goes out of window when it comes to feotal defects?
Part of Dawns response is about forcing a woman to carry a baby until it dies in her womb. [Which must be pretty psychologically shitty?]

2108: Widdecombe – figures say backstreet abortions were dropping in the 10 years before the 67 act and carried on dropping at tthe same rate after the act because of education.
[So Annie, what does that tell you…?]

2115: Judy Mallaber brings the idea that dropping time limit may result in more abortions as woman will be panicked into having an abortion

2120: [ooh fuck! I gotta hang the washing out.]

2126: just got back in from putting the washing out and got Evan Harris explaining to Nadine why a baby is killed before it is expelled. [which is pretty obvious to everyone but Nadine].

2129: Nadine – Dr Anand blah Trent study blah bewtween 2002/2005 50% of 22/23 week babies survived. [really?]
“Mary Stopes, their study of GPs, I imagine it’s all GPs” [I bet it’s not]

2138: Dorries on public opinion, public wants 20 weeks.
asserts that Primarolo has been picking and choosing about which lives she wants to save

2140: Primarolo responds with an assertion that Nads argument is selective and and not evidence born.
And now Nads closes by quoting her chum Dr Anand.

2153: Sorry Nick Palmer but I sort of tuned out then.
Richard Ottoway sounds full of sense. For a woman to decide, and doesn’t want the woman condemned to bringing up an unwanted child and doesn’t want the child to be brought up being unwanted.

2203: speakers are repeating themselves and rushing now. The chamber is filling ready for the votes.

2205: Julie Morgan – if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

2207: Oh shut up A N Widdecombe.

I’m signing off to watch it on the news now.

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