Britain is now ‘worse than Iraq’

May 29th, 2008 § 0 comments

The Scum:

A HERO paratrooper attacked with an iron bar as he went to buy a pizza last night branded Broken Britain “more dangerous than Iraq”.

I think the expression used when on teh internets is ROFLMFAO!!1!

For a more considered response, try Septic Isle:

Quite so. By the lowest estimate, since the 2003 invasion 150,000 Iraqis have died in violent circumstances, with the numbers injured incalculable. By contrast, the murder rate in the UK stubbornly sticks in the region of the mid 700s, or at least has done now for quite some time.

What sort of wingnut actually believes this shit?
How the fuck can Britain be more dangerous than Iraq? For a start, we don’t have more than the population of Oxford running around the place with various types of explosives shooting anything that moves. And because of that, we also don’t have the people the Multi-National Force are trying to get, blowing shit up.

What we do have is a shrill fucking ‘news’ ‘paper’ latching onto anything and everything to get forward it’s agenda of [insert Murdochs latest whim here].

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