Fr John despairs

May 11th, 2008 § 1 comment

I don’t normally read newspapers, they’re either full of tits, bollocks or both.
This weekend though, I bought The Independent for the Robert Fisk books and within the letters of the Saturday edition found this little gem:

Father John despairs at the state of society
It’s got everything:

  • Doctor, you should know better, hypocratic oath ‘n’ everthing
  • Will someone please think of the children!! *sob sob*
  • Watch out! Here come the Nazis!!
  • Oh, woe is us! Look how far we’ve degenerated!

And it even comes from not just an ‘annoyed from Yeovil’ or Desmond the Reverend, but from a proper Catholic Father.
Ticks all the boxes and gives us a bonus too. Mental.

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  • Mike Power says:

    Ah, that bloody slippery slope argument. It gets you every time. It starts off as contraception but eventually they’ll be herding our sick grannies into the gas chambers, mark my words.

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