Iain Dale: Smearing Red Ken

May 13th, 2008 § 0 comments

Iain Dale:

I always like to help someone who’s down on their luck, so I thought I would bring you the opportunity to book Ken Livingstone for your firm’s away day after dinner speech. He hasn’t wasted much time in getting on the speaking circuit, and who can blame him? With Boris now out of the market Ken has niftily filled the gap. Expect him to trouser at least £10,000 per speech, most of which he will be donating to charity. Or not.

Nice one. Make Ken look a money grabbing git and suggestively snear that he has done something wrong by a) saying that he has been quick to get on the speaking circuit, when why shouldn’t he? It’s not like he’s got to go to the office now. And b) dropping the comment that he will be paid loads and not give any to charity. What he gets paid will be what people are prepared to pay to hear him speak. As long as it isn’t taxpayers money then it is nobodies business except Ken, the people who booked him and, as you put it in reply to Johnathon, the taxman.

So Iain:
a)why should Ken give any of his fees to charity, apart from it being a nice thing to do
b) and what percentage (as I do not want to know, and you will not reveal the fee you get) of your speakers fees do you give to charity?

This is a pic of the comment I left on Iains post, as sometimes I do not get my comments published.

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