Killing babies (last word on abortion*)

May 22nd, 2008 § 0 comments

I’m watching newsnight and someone in the audience asks a question about the abortion vote and it’s result and Francis Maude starts talking about how having to kill a baby (at 24 weeks) before it is aborted shows that it is viable and thus too late.

Let me say this one last time:

The baby is killed before it is aborted so that the woman undergoing the abortion doesn’t have to see the little mite struggling for breath (or whatever a dying 24 week old baby does) for several minutes whilst it does actually die, because it cannot independently survive outside the womb. Don’t you think an abortion is distressing enough without that fucking big bucket of guilt thrown at you as well?

The act of killing the baby does not mean a thing in the scheme of things, so shut the fuck up about it.

*unless someone else annoys me enough

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