PM press briefing from 21 May 2008

May 22nd, 2008 § 0 comments [re clusterbombs]:

The Prime Minister had issued instructions to our negotiators in Dublin that we should work intensively to ban cluster bombs that cause unacceptable harm to civilians.

Implicitly meaning that there are types of clusterbomb that cause acceptable harm to civilians.


The Prime Minister had asked the Ministery of Defence to assess the remaining munitions in use to ensure that there was no risk to civilians

With clusterbombs there is always a risk. They’re not exactly precision instruments, are they?


Asked for the Government’s position on cluster munitions, the PMS replied that the Government’s position was that there were negotiations on cluster bombs underway in Dublin at the moment, and we would not want to pre-empt those.

That is not a fucking position you fucker! A position would be “we hate clusterbombs and are not going to use them anymore” or ” Clusterbombs? they’re fantastic, we have bucket loads on order”. You don’t even say what they negotiations on clusterbombs are about. Are you bunch of cunts negotiating the price you’re gonna sell them at, how many each country can have or what they’re worth in swapsies, like Pokemon trading cards.

Get some fucking balls and answer question.

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