“something wicked this way comes”

May 30th, 2008 § 0 comments

Dr Crippen:

I refer to David Kirby. You have never heard of him. You are about to. He is an American who has “reservations” about immunisations. Reservations that are not scientifically sustainable. In fairness, I should say he is not wicked. It would be much easier if he were. He is far more dangerous than “wicked”. He is sincere, articulate and persuasive. He writes well, he speaks well, he believes what he says (I assume) and he is on a mission. He is utterly, totally wrong. He deserves as much credence as a representative of the Flat Earth Society. Yes, the society really does exist. You can join here if you wish. Safer to join them than JABS. But, as a member of the Flat Earth Society, do not expect to be asked to speak in the Houses of Parliament.

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