The law of Phorm

May 7th, 2008 § 0 comments

The considered view of Phorm from a law firm.

…It all boils down to consent. Ertugrul (Phorm CEO) said there will be a screen presented to people to ask them if they consent to Phorm and they will get periodic reminders that Phorm is switched on. I asked, “will they be given the choice of yes or no?” Ertugrul replied “Yes.” I asked, “Always?” Ertugral said “yes”.

If it is operated with consent and transparency, Phorm’s privacy revolution looks like it may happen quietly without waking the Home Office, the CPS or the ICO. Others may want to run for their private lives. But Phorm could be the future, a future in which targeted advertising is essential to the business model of an ISP.

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