Thoughts on abortion

May 19th, 2008 § 0 comments

A couple of thoughts.

Nadine keeps banging on about when she assisted in an abortion that didn’t go well, twenty or so years ago, the latest retelling in the Telegraph:

as a result of botched abortions such as the one I assisted with, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) issued guidelines to ensure that an abortion never again becomes a live birth.

To avoid this happening, a lethal injection is placed into the baby’s heart through the mother’s abdominal wall via a cannula… [and it’s ‘babys’ ‘ and ‘mothers’ ‘, the apostrophy goes after the s to denote possession, before for abreviation]

Now, for someone so concerned, surely that would be a good thing. You see, all babies that are to be aborted are by definition, live. If they are not it isn’t an abortion it’s a miscarriage.
What would be the better way to go about killing a baby? We stun animals before we kill them to make sure they don’t feel anything, so why not kill the baby quickly?
I’d put money on the amount of live-born abortions (failed abortions?) dropped rapidly after the introduction of the potassium injection.

This debate started with the conversation centreing around when a baby becomes a baby proper, rather than a collection of cells that look like they might turn into a baby. The first I remember of it was when Nadine accused Ben Goldacre of leaking confidential information from the government somehow.

All the talk was when the feotus began to feel pain or show a response to external stimuli, with the flagrant Nadine quoting and arselicking her new best friend, Prof Sunny Anand.
Now it has been diverted to the more emotive area of viability of the baby if it was to have been born, with examples of 22 and 20 week old babies surviving.
This I think is misleading. These babies are the exception, not the rule. They are either incredibly strong or are given the very best care available. Just because it looks like a little person, doesn’t mean it will be able to live outside of the womb.
There are many more babies that are born at that age that die, than survive. The date limit for the abortion should be the worked from the national average, not the figure plucked from the Guiness Book of Records, which is what it looks like Nadine and her gang are trying to do.

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