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The Reg:

The 36-kilometer long Hangzhou Bay Bridge was opened to the public last month, and is considered the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world. Oh wonderful. People love big landmarks.

Oh hey, you know what also loves landmarks? Giant monsters. And do you know where giant monsters live? The sea.

Thanks, China, for tempting any evil behemoth slumbering beneath the briny depths in a 1,000 kilometer radius to say hello. We give this bridge five months tops before Dagahra goes on world tour.

And Dagahra?

– Irabushan Beam: Dagahra can channel his own, alien-like energy from his body and form an Irabushan Beam in his mouth. When fired, this beam can cause devastating explosive effects on the target.
– Energy Rings: Dagahra can fire powerful energy rings from his body, but the strength of these are truly unknown.
– Energy Beams: Dagahra can fire powerful energy beams from his dorsal fins and shoulder cannons. These cannons can cause moderate damage to a foe.
– Barem Bio-Missiles: Dagarha can fire biological missiles from his shoulder launchers. When exploding these missiles will spread a wave of Barems over the surface of their target.
– Barem Tornado: Dagahra can make a powerful Barem tornado. This is one of the most powerful attacks in history, even making the all mighty Mothra Leo helpless.



Ok, a formidable beast, wouldn’t you say? But where did it come from?

Thousands of years ago, the people of Nili Kani created Dagahra to consume their garbage, but Dagahra went crazed

Cannons? Biological missiles? Barem tornados? From, basically, a waste disposal unit? They deserve everything they get.

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