“Apparently, these are fabulous…”

June 24th, 2008 § 0 comments

[[image:angus_6_pack.jpg:Burgerking Angus 6 Pack:left:0]]The Daily Mail:

The 6-Pack is comprised of six “mini-burgers” each containing an individual Aberdeen Angus beef patty.

The six buns are joined together in the centre, so forming a large single burger.

Two of the burger sections are topped with ketchup, two with cheese and two with bacon and cheese. It is priced £4.49 on its own or £5.69 as part of a meal

It does look good in the picture. After all, it’s had a lot of care and attention that burger, more than the one you’ll receive. And it is fucking huge. You could even say it’s chock full of stuff, including:

917 calories (the recommended daily calorie intake for men is around 2,500 and women 2,000) and 18g of saturated fat (the recommended daily amount for men is 30g and women 20g).

Apparently, it’s for sharing. Burgerking have, after years of exploiting the way society has turned to eating on the move, suddenly decided to help social cohension and by getting people to eat together again.

David Kisilevsky, vice president of marketing, said: “Burger King is proud, once again, to set the standard for quick serve restaurants in the UK with a product that is unique, both in its format and quality.

“The 6 Pack is one of our most innovative Angus variations and is a new menu item that groups of friends or families can enjoy together.”

The quality I’m not so sure will be unique, but yes, the format is.

But I think the sharing, caring side of this meal is just for marketing. Afterall. it’s a meal for, several people, but with only one drink.
One pack of fries, fair enough. Make it a big pack, tear it open and wolf down as much as you can to make sure you get your fair share (the whole thing reminds me of cave men sitting around tearing lumps off an animal, gobbling up as much as they can as quick as they can so they don’t go hungry. Reducing the meal time from a nice civil affair with chatting being social to a purely functional refuelling).
But sharing a drink with friends? How many friends share drinks? I’m not being overly fussy, am I?

A sip of a mates unusual beer to see what it takes like or share a can of pop of that’s all we can afford with the coins we’ve scrapped together, yes. But not specifically buy a meal with one drink.
You wouldn’t go to a restaraunt and order a meal for two but share a glass of wine. You might go to the pub and buy a pitcher, but you wouldn’t all drink from the same glass.
Burgerking have just made a massive burger and given it ‘tear here’ lines to make it more manageable.

But then, what do you expect from a caring sharing company like Burgerking?


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