Are there any Blairs that aren’t cu twats?

June 6th, 2008 § 0 comments


Sir Ian Blair called for a change in policy by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and urged it to increase the number of prosecutions.

In reply the CPS said it pressed charges when it was offered sufficient police evidence, and said Sir Ian had “totally” misunderstood the law.

‘Totally misunderstood the law’!? He’s the top cpper in the land! What fucking chance have the rest of us got?

With all due respect, Sir Ian, Fuck off.

[Kate Moss] escaped prosecution because police were unable to prove what substance she was allegedly using in a west London recording studio.

There it is Ian, the need for proof. Part of the basics of getting a prosecution in this country. You cannot prosecute someone on the evidence of a photo alone. Photos do lie.
Could you tell the difference between a spliff made with weed and one laced with speed from a photo? Could you distinguish between picture of a line of coke and a chopped up ecstasy pill? I couldn’t and I’ve done bucket fulls of the stuff.

The other main thrust of this is, who decides who a celebrity is? Who decides when the next level of celebrity has been attained so we know how much proof is needed to bang them up? You, Sir Ian? I fucking hope not.

Nevermind what implications it would have for other types of images that depict stuff that is illegal but never happened.

Celebrities are ordinary people. most of them twats, but still just people and should be treated equal before the law with regards to the level of proof required to secure a conviction.

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