Lost intelligence?

June 12th, 2008 § 0 comments

Or was it never there to start with?
Our beaurocracy is full of either spies or incompetent twats.
The Times:

Secret files on the al-Qaeda threat and the Iraqi security forces were left on a train by a senior intelligence official, the Cabinet Office said yesterday. Last night the department said that the man at the centre of the investigation into the loss of the documents had been suspended from his job.

the report, commissioned by the Foreign Office and Home Office, was classified “UK top secret” and each page was marked “For UK, US, Canadian and Australian eyes only”.

Top secret files, left in a train station. Gormless official suspended.

What the fuck was this muppet doing with ‘Top Secret’ documents out of his briefcase, never mind letting them out of his grip, in a fucking train station? Not exactly the most secure of areas, is it?

And suspended? What the fuck? There should be no excuse for this kind of thing. No reason to let the file out of his hands, no reason to be reading a ‘Top Secret’ file in a public place (never heard of ‘reading over someones shoulder’?) because there should be no reason for the file to be out of the HO lackeys’ briefcase.
The HO bod should be instantly dismiss for gross incompetence or extreme stupidity, not fucking suspended, presumably whilst the incident is ‘investigated’. WTF is there to investigate? He put it down and forgot about it. There, it’s been investigated, now sack the fucker. He won’t be out of work long, I hear McDonalds are always hiring.
Fucking suspended, I ask ya?

The Times:

Under a code drawn up for Whitehall and Intelligence services officials can only remove intelligence documents from Government departments if they seek authorisation and then follow a strict protocol.

The code allows the documents to be taken on public transport but they have to be kept inside a locked briefcase at all times. The briefcase has to have both a lock and two straps which must be used. The key should be carried in the owner’s pocket and the case must be held in the hand rather than put on a luggage rack.

How the fuck can ‘intelligence’ people, be so fucking stupid?

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