Misplaced blame

June 4th, 2008 § 0 comments

This idea about having a big piss up on the circle line tube train was a good idea, in theory. But it was always going to end in tears, wasn’t it? It was to be expected that some peole would get so lashed that that they would end up spoiling it for everyone else by puking and fighting and general twatish behaviour.

But how the fuck could anyone blame Boris Johnson for coppers get assaulted or tube staff getting spat on?
The Times:

Six Tube stations were closed as thousands of people partied on the Circle Line. There were 17 arrests after four Tube drivers, three other members of staff and two police officers were assaulted. Around 50 staff were said to have been verbally abused or spat at.

Bob Crow, the [RMT] general secretary, said: “Johnson should apologise personally to all those who were assaulted and abused last night thanks to a half-baked gimmick designed solely as a publicity stunt and without a moment’s thought for the people told to implement it.

“We warned that it could put our members at greater risk of assault, but there is no comfort in being proved right when Tube workers have been injured and abused.”

What the fuck is he on? That’s the same logic that a rapist uses to justify his actions “she was asking for it, wearing that short skirt”.
Why aren’t you blaming the fuckers who did the spitting and assaulting, Mr Crow? Didn’t they have a choice as to the matter? Were they pressed ganged on the tube that evening? Were they forced fed booze until they lost control? No they weren’t.

They made the choice, they get the blame.

Via Mr Eugenides

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