Wanted: Confident Doctors

June 2nd, 2008 § 0 comments

It looks like Joseph Chikelue Obi is waking his sleeper agents:

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is currently recruiting Suspended Medical Doctors – to confidently deliver RCAM Corporate Wellness Seminars in Evidence Based Alternative Medicine.

and they must also have completed the RCAM Fellowship Appraisal process.

A couple of questions/observations:
1) The title of the post begins “Dr Joseph…” and at the bottom Joseph is refers to himself as “Professor Joseph…”
The titles ‘Dr’ and ‘Professor’ are not interchangeable. It would be like referring to a Chief Superintendent a ‘Police Constable’. I professor is a doctor in so far as he can practice medicine, but a professor is much more than than and wouldn’t refer to himself as a doctor.

2) Why would a respectable organisation be actively recruiting suspended doctors?
To be suspended the doctors must have done something wrong, either ethically, legally, or for incompetence. Why would an organisation wish to use people like that, apart from because they would be cheaper than doctors who are allowed to practice? An organisations reputation is about the people that work for it.

3) Are the people who book Jo Obi’s seminar aware that they will be booking suspended doctors that may not be in a position of authority, due to the reason they were suspended, to talk about medicine, alternative or not? Are the attendees going to be told about all the speakers credentials?

This guy is tricky, he’s got previous for throwing his weight around and threatening behaviour.

/aside: My laptop never hangs or crashes. I don’t know why, I’m not a particularly technical guy or am especially careful with it. I was going to have a look round his main RCAM site but everytime I go on it my PC hangs. Just writing this post I’ve had to take the battery out 3 times to shut it down and start again.
Just saying, That’s all.

edit: I have removed a ‘#’ from the RCAM url and below the menu on the left is play/pause/stop buttons. I don’t know what they control but click on the stop button seems to sort it out.

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