Car crash comments

July 23rd, 2008 § 0 comments

You know when you see a car crash, or something else really fucking horrible, and you really don’t want to look but somehow you can’t stop looking? Well that’s what the comments are like on this story in The Mail about a Polish tourist that died, apparently, from taking a leak on a railway line.

Perhaps having some manners would have saved this man – behaving like a savage and weeing in the street was his downfall. Now if only we could find a way to electrocute all those who insist on urinating in the street London would be a far nicer place!

– Anne, London, 22/7/2008 11:19

The price of stupidity is death! This is a prime candidate for the Darwin Awards.

– Alan G, Reading, UK, 22/7/2008 12:32

Yes Anne, men who pee all over the street, pavement, parks etc are all too common, and not only in London but all over the country! It is nothing to do with the lack of toilets, women manage so men can also manage if they choose, but they come out of pubs (with several toilets) and cross the road on the way to a nightclub (with several toilets) and pee all over the pavement or park on their way.

It is disgusting and unhygienic. They retort that it is “just nature” when challenged but if there was any truth to that, there would also be women acting likewise!!!

It is only men who behave in such a stone age manner, and authorities including the police turn a blind eye, as they are all controlled by men. People take more notice of dogs’ toilet behaviour in public than men’s.

In the 21st century it is high time something serious was done about this disgusting practice by men, perhaps electrocution would bring them up to the standard of women!

– Hannah, uk, 22/7/2008 12:49

Anne does at first come across harsh, but I have to say that I once saw a young man sleeping in a sleeping bag on a bench at my local station who got up out of bed (sleeping bag) ranting and raving the F word as it was wet & windy, before proceeding to stagger to the edge of the train line in bare feet and urinate into the track.

This was joyful to witness after just having breakfast and preparing for the rigours of a London commute.

Such pond life needs to eliminated for the sake of a strong future gene pool and I’m right there with Anne in that case!

– Dean, Swanley, 22/7/2008 14:26

Because all foreigners are animals that should learn some manners and homeless people should be disposed of and not helped out of their situation.



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