July 18th, 2008 § 0 comments

Nosemonkey has a post about Romas being persecuted in Italy.

But what struck me as strange was one quote about a couple of gipsy women being accused of trying to kidnap a child (my emphasis):

two Roma women were accused in Lecco for trying to steal a child. Both of them declared they were begging with no intention whatsoever of kidnapping. In order to avoid being sentenced both of them accepted the suggestion of their lawyer and pleaded guilty. Accordingly they were sentenced to 8 months and 10 days in jail. As expected the sentence was suspended. Their lawyer acknowledged publicly that the women told him they never tried to kidnap the child but they agree to follow his advice in order to avoid prosecution for begging

You fucking what!?
A lawyer advised his clients to plead guilty to something serious they didn’t do inorder to avoid being presectuted for something very fucking minor? I’m speechless.

8 months for attempted kidnap is preferable to being done for begging. The Italians must fucking hate beggars.

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