Illegal education

July 23rd, 2008 § 0 comments

The terrorist threat. It’s time to shit yer pants again.

This time it’s because thousands of kids all over the country are being given terrorist training, by the state, right under our noses. And we are forced to send our kids to these training camps 5 days a week!
Where are these training camps? How can we be sending our kids to them with out realising it for all this time?
The answer, is because they are very cleverly disguised as schools.

Well, that’s according to the home secretary anyway, who has had a control order preventing the study of AS level human biology and chemistry by a suspected terrorist, ‘AE’, upheld.

As Lee Griffin says:

Expect these subjects to be strictly off curriculum by 2010 along with P.E (encourages too much physical contact, something proven to be important in all knife crime), English (teaches you to say things that might offend another person) and Electronics/Computer science (for the obvious connections to easy routes to terrorism).

I mean…seriously? There is nothing so sacred in the teachings of the narrow curriculum in this country that cannot be learned outside of educational authority walls. What the home secretary is requesting is beyond ridiculous and in all fairness just gives the impression to me of her complete moronic nature.

Why should this suspect be restricted in his studies?

UK Liberty points out, this chap might not be quite such an innocent angel, because among the report is the statement

the Secretary of State had reasonable grounds to believe first that AE had received terrorist training and had taken part in terrorist activities

In which case prosecute he needs prosecuting. Then he will either be locked up or free to carry on his life.

‘Suspect’ has become a term for someone on the nether world, neither a free man or a convict. They can have their rights and movements restricted, who they can associate with, what they can read and what format they read it in. All controlled by the apparatus of the state. For as long as the state deems necessary. To be labelled ‘suspect’ is on par if not worse than a gypsy. Calls for terrorist suspects to be deported and such when they have not been convicted of anything.

There is nothing to stop a convict from studying law whilst in prison, to help him if he gets caught next time, and the convict has a track record of breaking the law, but the suspect lives in a no-mans’ land.


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