Online abortions

July 11th, 2008 § 0 comments


Some women in countries where abortion is restricted are using the internet to buy medication enabling them to abort a pregnancy at home, the BBC has learned.

Women in Northern Ireland and over 70 countries with restrictions have used one of the main websites, Women on Web.

This is one of the best examples of why we do not need stricy abortion laws.
Women, if they want/need and abortion will have one. One way or another. By making the criteria and time limit stricter all that is happening is that these women go outside the system to back street abortionists or to these websites where the pills are of unknown provinence*.

But anti-abortion campaigners called the development of such sites “very worrying indeed”.

Yes, it is very worrying. But women are going to get an abortion, would you rather they had one in the proper surroundings, supervised by properly trained people, so that if anything did go wrong it can be dealt with properly, or women ended up bleeding to death or with kidney failure from drugs not being what they should be or other complications that otherwise wouldn’t be a cause for concern?

*That is not a direct comment against Women on Web. I do not know of them in either a good or bad way.

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