IDF will not be prosecuted for Reuters death

August 14th, 2008 § 0 comments

[[image:shanacar460.jpg:Fadel Shanas’ car:left:0]]It was never going to be anything else, was it?

The Guardian:

Reuters has said it is “deeply disturbed” that the Israeli military has decided the tank crew that killed one of the news agency’s cameramen and eight young bystanders in the Gaza Strip four months ago will not face legal action.

Israel’s senior military advocate-general told the London-based news agency in a letter sent on Tuesday that the official report into the incident concluded that troops could not see whether Reuters’ Fadal Shana, 24, was operating a camera or a weapon.

In the letter to Reuters, Brigadier General Avihai Mendelblit, the IDF’s advocate-general, wrote: “The tank crew was unable to determine the nature of the object mounted on the tripod and positively identify it as an anti-tank missile, a mortar or a television camera.”…and the fact that Shana and his soundman were wearing body armour, “common to Palestinian terrorists”, as reasons for the tank crew being suspicious of his activities.

Some other things “common to Palestinian terrorists”: driving cars, travelling around in groups of 2 or more, wearing clothes, carrying things, eating and breathing.

Zionist cunts.

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