Mrs Clarksons’ knicker drawer

August 6th, 2008 § 0 comments

Jeremy Clarkson:

I do not know many people from the world of television. I have not been to Jonathan Ross’s house. He’s never been to mine. But those that I do meet, with the exception of Piers Morgan, are mostly very ordinary people with very ordinary lives. They do not shout: “Do you know who I am?” at every train guard and maître d’. They do not quaff champagne or gorge on peach and peacock. And mostly they earn much less than you think.

And yet every single one of them is fair game for those members of the press that, deprived of funds to chase down proper stories, see them as the cheap option. I urge you all to think about that next time you’re thumbing through Heat magazine and you come across a picture of some actress with stretch marks. Just imagine how that picture makes her feel. And how it makes her children feel.

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