On a new thing in town

August 27th, 2008 § 0 comments

Went for a ride with my son on my bike (he sits on the crossbar and then tries to exert some influence on our direction) down by our local river.
It’s quite nice. Lots of flora and ducks and stuff.

Even the guys that work in the factory/warehouse on the other side of the river enjoy it on their breaks.

It’s quite enjoyable, I do recommend it, especially when you get to the lock and the weir.
Hold on, what’s that? There in the corner.

Oh no. Not more bloody houses.

Hmm. Well it’ll probably look alright once the gardens get established and the cover for the wildlife returns, albeit probably a slightly different type of wildlife.


Just lay a fucking RSJ across the river, why don’t you! Bollox to trying to make it pretty, or blend it in, like [[popup:riverwalk_6.jpg:a bridge a little further down the same stretch::1:left]] of river. Just: Bam! – Industrial shit! With some [[popup:riverwalk_8.jpg:weird plaques::1:left]].

Steel and metal and industrial stuff is fine in it’s place. I quite like it. But not in the middle of a nice wildlife area.

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