On paedophiles

August 21st, 2008 § 0 comments

Well, where the fuck to start?

DK has done a post about Paul Gadd/Gary Glitter. And to be honest, DK has shown himself to be a bit of a cunt. He starts off saying he thought the point was we punished people

for the bad things that they have done and then, when they have served their term, they are free to go: until they re-offend—if they re-offend—they are free.

That is correct. Do your time and usually that is it. Whether your a murderer or a shoplifter, your previous crimes cannot be counted against you.
Some crimes are so serious that there has to be conditions imposed upon release from custody. For example, murderers are on license for the rest of there lives (page 3, item 6 [pdf]). It is arguable that murder is the ultimate crime, deliberately taking a life, and so these people need keeping an eye on.
The same for paedophiles. These people completely fuck up the lives of others for their own pleasure. How can a five, ten or twelve year old give consent to what a paedophile wants? They don’t know their arse from their elbow at that age.

Unfortunately, with all the bloody parents who simply cannot be arsed to look after their brood screaming “what about the chiiiiiildren?”

Fuck you. You fucking cunt. I would now go on about hoping that some sick fuck comes along and fucks your kids, when you have some, in various ways while you think they are safe and sound at nursery while you’re at work or your best fucking mate does unspeakable things to them when babysitting while you’re out for the evening.
But I won’t because I’m not a cunt.
In todays world, a parent cannot stand on their own two feet independentley, with or without tax credits or child allowance, without handing over their child to other people. Some have the luxury of having family to look after the offspring, but even that doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending.
Most people have to employ, yes DK, employ, not have paid for us, nurseries or childminders. When I leave my child in childcare I am putting the most precious thing in my life in the hands of strangers. So excuse me if I would like paedophiles kept track of and barred from working in those sort of places.

Right, that’s the emotional rant over and ignoring the rest of DKs’ dismissal of parents concerns, justified or not, the post does go have a general theme of ‘is paedophilia a crime or a mental disorder?’.
It is a very good point. Quoting from Carol Sanger (whoever the fuck she is):

If we accept that paedophilia is an illness – and there are reasoned voices who say that it is – then, by definition, we accept it as being beyond the control of its sufferer in exactly the way that we accept schizophrenia. Therefore, we should respond as such: if a man, for reasons not remotely his fault, is posing a risk to others, he should be subject to sectioning under the Mental Health Act, with all the appropriate regret, sympathy and kindness that accompanies such a move. Given the grip of the current bogeyman frenzy, it is hard to see that one playing in Peoria; nevertheless, it would be the only humane response.

If we accept that it is a crime, however, then it is something which the perpetrator can control. He may choose to offend or not, and if he chooses what is unacceptable, again we should respond as such. We catch the bastard, try him, lock him up by way of penalty and then – this is the crucial bit – once he has served his sentence we restore his liberty. In full.

Carol has a good point. But it isn’t as simple as that. For a start no body knows if paedophilia is an illness or just criminal behaviour. If it is found to be a proper mental condition, then section them and cure them of their deviant behaviour. When they come out of their treatment, they will still be monitored, because other peoples mental and physical well being is at risk. Not just anyone, but the most vulnerable, the people in our society least well equipped to deal with it or defend themselves through physical resistance or knowing where to go for help.
If it’s shown that paedophiles just like fucking kids, then they should still be monitored on their release. These guys know it is against the law, they know it fucks kids up mentally, yet they still do it. will face prison for it. I don’t give a shit if they can’t make proper relationships, if they didn’t get enough love from their mother when they were kids. Why should my kids be the ones that proves that Mr Cunty is not a reformed character? It’s not like a fucking joyrider or burglar.

Another of this Carol womans’ quotes:

Putting children in danger outweighs almost any other consideration – except, perhaps, the danger of the precedent set by singling out one identifiable group and excluding it from the principles of law that apply to all others.

The principle of law is that everyone is treated equally, that two people who commit similar crimes receive similar treatment, one is not treated differently because of class or colour or nationality, that a sentence is passed upon the crime and not the person.
A burglar gets treated differently to a dope smoker, who gets treated differently to a counterfeiter, who gets treated differently to an assassin.

But all this appears to go by-the-by where the fucking chiiiiildren are concerned. But this is to debase our justice system and ourselves. As Sanger says at the finale…

The solution, therefore, is either to declare all those on the sex offenders register to be unwell and apply open-ended treatment, compassionately, according to the severity of their condition – or to declare them criminals, take our several pounds of flesh and let them go. Mad or bad. But we can’t, in conscience, have it both ways.

So you pick.

Yes I fucking can. And until someone comes up with a better way I will have it both ways.

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