A moderate radical Islamist?

September 29th, 2008 § 0 comments

Omar Bakri Mohammeds’ daughter is a pole dancer, apparently.

Aren’t fundamental Islamists supposed to be against all that type of caper going on? And we’ve heard of complaints for less from religious types of all stripes, so I was suprised to see a quote of this nature in the story from Mr Mohammed (my emphasis):

She was brought up properly in the Muslim faith, but she is free to make her own choices in life.

Shouldn’t a fundamental Islamist like him be demanding her death for becoming a non-muslim and the death of everyone around her for encouraging her, ogling her and not killing her for her sins against Islam?

Omar, if Yasmin can just get on with things, and be judged by god and not you and your twisted buddies then why not all of us? Why not just shut the fuck up and leave us all alone. If there is a god, which there isn’t, then it’ll be our problem not yours.
Now fuck off.

To be honest I’m not just surprised that that is a quote from a fun’mentalist, but also that The Sun printed it. I’d have thought is would be too lame for the sun to print. It doesn’t exactly fit with their ‘Muslims say ‘Die infidels’ narrative, does it.

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