“Am I a racist?”

September 1st, 2008 § 0 comments

Whilst strolling through teh interwebs, I happen on this discussion on The Suns’ forum, a post of some text seen in many circular emails:
Am I a racist?

[posted by] vars72

Am I racist?

I am a proud Englishman.
I am a royalist.
I am not happy about the way this country is heading.
I do not believe in multiculturism.
I despise this government.
I do not want my kids to go to school in the city (we have moved to the country).
I do not like our traditions been diluted and forgotten.
I believe political correctness is destroying our country.
I believe in tougher prison sentences & capital punishment
I do not believe our troops should have gone to Iraq.
I do not want to join the European Union.
I believe people working in the UK should all pay tax to the UK
I believe there should be a stop on more immigrants entering our country.
I believe the UK should aim to be more self sufficient.
I find Jim Davidson & Chubby Brown very funny.

I treat everyone I meet on face value regardless of colour or faith

There follows a few replies of the nature, ‘No, I agree with all on that list’ and ‘You’re a realist’.
…and then ‘tria1’ comes long and spoils the love-in:

[posted by] trai1

lol, Yes, you just said in another thread you wanted to take a hammer to a Muslim.

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