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Sunny, at Liberal Conspiracy, submitted a complaint with reference to Nadine Dorries’ blog a while ago.
The main points were:

  • The funding of it. It was fully integreated with her main website, which is funded from a Parliamentary allowance, it wouldd be unikely the blog is funded from a different source.
  • The use of the Portcullis device. Implying that it was a Parliamentary approved publication
  • Because of the (possible) funding of the blog, the content involved in campaining and various other party political activities are not allowed, unless the fundin was found to be seperate

A reply from the Parliamentary Comissioner for Standards was issued recently, unfortunately I don’t have a link to it, but it completely cleared exonerated Nadine form doing anything wrong.
But Dorries, ever the gracious ‘winner’

The complainant clearly has a lot of spare time on his hands, so much so that he felt it necessary to submit a 21 page dossier to the House of Commons authorities, about my ‘conduct’ with regards to my blog.

Nadine, it is because of your conduct that Sunny made time to put the complaint down, with accompanying evidence, and it was the evidence that made up for more than half the pages. You can’t complain without any evidence.

I wonder how much time, resources and money has been used by the parliamentary authorities to look into the matter of my ‘conduct’

I wonder how much time, resources and money that you have and will in the future use inappropriately.

You were fucking worried. If you really had nothing to worry about, why did you i) remove the Portcullis device form you blog page and ii) change the URL of you blog, and stressing the point with a pop up box (which means nothing, and just looks like you’re stressing the point just a bit too much) as soon as you were notified about the complaint?

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