I just called to say…

September 17th, 2008 § 0 comments

Daily Mail;

Nick Clegg will risk infuriating 250,000 households tonight when he attempts to win their votes by ‘cold calling’ them during Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Families up and down the country will be disturbed by an automated telephone featuring a recorded message from the Liberal Democrat leader just as they are trying to relax.

What the fuck are the LibDems playing at?

People hate automated telephone systems.
We only sit through the “press 1 for accounts. Press 2 for more options. Press 3 to wait an unspecified length of time.” because we have no choice when we call the bank/insurance company/zoo. We ring up and then have to sit through lots of lists of options, I think the most I’ve had to wade through is 4 menus, while all the time there is no option that sounds like the one you want when it would be quicker and easier to tell someone your basic problem and they put you through. People don’t like machines on phones.

People hate cold calls. It’s annoying enough to get fuckers ringing up out of the blue trying to sell you windows or kitchens. People leave the phone on the side and bugger off leaving the caller talking to themselves and other silly games. Normally nice people that wouldn’t say boo to, well anything, blow whistles down the phone, potentially damaging the hearing of the caller, who may not have much choice about their career path and are only doing the job because it’s a warm office instead of cleaning toilets.
Taking that into consideration, why would anyone listen to a recorded message that phones up out of the blue?

And how are the phone numbers selected? Did someone trawl a phone book? Does the machine just dial random numbers? has a list been bought from somewhere?

So if people don’t like to talk to machines on the telephone, and people really don’t like cold callers, who was the brainbox that thought it would be a good idea to put the two together?

*sorry for the obvious title for post*

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