It’s Bizarre

September 28th, 2008 § 0 comments

I have a new post up at The Sun – Tabloid Lies

The site No Rock And Roll Fun has just appeared on my radar, and you could say, they don’t hold Gordon Smart in very high esteem.

Their first post about him, when he took over in November 2007, was a good one:

And so the Sun rises on a new era, with Gordon Smart taking over the controls at the paper’s Bizarre column.

Hey… he’s called Gordon, and you know who else is called Gordon?

Yes, yes, the “moron” in Jilted John’s hit, but you know who else?

Yes, the Prime Minister. But it’s not a thought they’d push, is it?

Prime Minister of showbiz … new man Gordon

Oh. They are.

Read Gordon’s manifesto

And push it, and push it.

WE are both Scottish and called Gordon – but that’s where the similarities between the Prime Minister and me end.

Well, yes. Gordon Brown doesn’t look like he’s one of the guys who turn up at the end of Homes Under The Hammer saying “I would value this property at £137,000…”, for a start

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