Wake up! Time to die!

September 19th, 2008 § 0 comments

The Telegraph:

Lady Warnock said: “If you’re demented, you’re wasting people’s lives – your family’s lives – and you’re wasting the resources of the National Health Service.

“I’m absolutely, fully in agreement with the argument that if pain is insufferable, then someone should be given help to die, but I feel there’s a wider argument that if somebody absolutely, desperately wants to die because they’re a burden to their family, or the state, then I think they too should be allowed to die.

“Actually I’ve just written an article called ‘A Duty to Die?’ for a Norwegian periodical. I wrote it really suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with feeling you ought to do so for the sake of others as well as yourself.”

No one should feel they ought to end their life, for the sake of anyone, their family or society as a whole. What a dispicable thing to say.
Feeling you ought to die means that it is not your decision. Someone else is putting the pressure on you to go, because you are inconveniencing them in some way, you’re not wanted, worthless.

Nobody has a duty to die, even in war, it could be argued that you had a duty to fight, but not die. When someone else is telling you, explicitly or otherwise, when to die, a value is put on life and then it just becomes a numbers game. When that’s the case, the accountants win.

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