An interview with Nadine

October 29th, 2008 § 0 comments

Nadine has got an interview in the Metro. It’s a bit good.

Tim spotted it earlier and has already fired off a letter to Metro letters, giving us a sneak peak:

Your interview with Nadine Dorries only furthers her reputation as a self-publicising fantasist. In it, Nadine claims to get 500,000 hits a month on her website (which is not even a blog as she claims). Elsewhere, she has claimed that she has 800,000 readers a month. Never mind that her traffic claims are so fantastic as to be laughable; because ‘hits’ describes the number of files downloaded (pages, images, etc.), this figure cannot possibly be smaller than the number of readers. Nadine’s either making things up, or becoming very confused again.

I don’t know when the article went up on the site proper, but when I looked about an hour ago there were no comments.

I thought I should leave one.

I’ve got some questions for Nadine too if you don’t mind, I’ll ask them here seeing as Nadines’ ‘blog’ doesn’t allow them.

1. When is Ben Goldacre going to get his apology?
2. Do you think it is ok to mislead (putting it politely) people into thinking that the complaint about your behaviour regarding your ‘blog’ was dismissed when, in fact, it was upheld?
3. Re: ‘Hand of Hope’: Why do you keep pushing the lie that the 21 week old foetus pushed it’s hand out of the womb when the doctor performing the operation says that the foetus and mother were both anaesthetised and could move?
4. Any chance of someone explaining to you how to explain interpret statistics properly?
5. Is the person you email your ‘blog’ posts to, to put up on your ‘blog’ paid by your Parliamentary Communications Allowance?

That’ll do for now, don’t want to get meself labelled as a stalker.

Hmm. “All comments are moderated”.

Update – 30/10/08 08:30:
Still no comments have been passed and there were definately others who commented, without being rude or abusive, too.

Update II:
At about noon some comments have been published. Well, a couple anyway and both critical of Nadine.

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