Leaving the lights on

October 7th, 2008 § 0 comments

A beaut of a rant from In Through The Out Door But Then Back In Again III:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no beardy-weirdy, tree-hugging, hemp-snorting, mung-bean sex machine. I recycle, but only because the council’ll fine me if I don’t. And I use energy-saving light bulbs not because they’re easier on the earth, but because I’m a skinflint and they save me money. I’m sure I could do more … if I gave much of a shit, which I don’t.

But the difference betwixt a shitbag like me and the major corporations is I don’t pretend to be saving the world when I am, in fact, pissing all over it. I don’t boast – like they do – that I’m up there with the likes of Alec Baldwin and Sting and the recently deceased Paul Newman, because I’m not. They, on the other hand, pretend they’re saints of the environmental movement … and then go off on an orgy of eco raping and pillaging and hope nobody notices what liars and hypocrites they really are.

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