SATS Scrapped

October 15th, 2008 § 0 comments

Scrapping the SATS for key stage 3, or 14 year olds to you and me, is undoubtedly A Good Thing.

But listening to Ed Balls, the schools secretary on the Today program on Radion 4, he couldn’t actually give a proper reason for the decision.

Said that 15 years ago when they were introduced it was The Right Thing and now these tests were Wrong and could go. The reason he did give was that the SATS weren’t needed because the GCSEs at age 16 were the best signifier of how pupils/school were doing.

And how is that different from the last 15 years?

Also, concerning the different parts of the UK and England being the only country that still has SATS for the 7 & 11 year olds. When Mr Balls was asked about that and why that is, he waffled on and to paraphrase, “it is A good Thing”.

Well, fucking tell us why then! Why can’t any cunt answer a fucking question properly anymore? Don’t they listen? Are they fucking stupid are has everyone got a hidden agenda.

Answer the question. It’ll be ok, everything’ll be alright in the end. I promise.

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