Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards

October 10th, 2008 § 0 comments

The Spectator is requesting nominations for its’ Parliamentarian of the Year award and guess who’s been nominated…

Richard Hamilton proposes Nadine Dorries. Hamilton commends Dorries for addressing the issue of term limits for abortion with a ‘tenaciousness and passion that caught the public’s attention in a remarkable way’. He applauds her for explaining how the 1967 legislation has resulted, against the intent of the original act, in half a million abortions being carried out each year and for her courage in carrying on in the face of hostility from her opponents.

For carrying out her campaign with the help of lies, bullshit, half-truths and a blinkered single minded determination that comes from knowing that you are right and everyone who disagrees with you is either a vicious nasty bastard that is out to get you and not just pointing out where you are mistaken or a vicious nasy bastard that wants to kill babies and not protect the welfare of women.

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