That BBC affair

October 30th, 2008 § 0 comments

Liberal Conspiracy (Anton Vowel):

Have a look at Antons’ post on Liberal Conspiracy and see why the BBC is getting it’s head kicked in over the Ross/Brand bollox.

Yeah the BBC fucked up, it was a joke that a) wasn’t funny b) probably shouldn’t have been broadcast but Ross and Brand have apologised/and resigned, Andrew Sachs seems quite cool about it, so have a look at the process for clearing material before broadcasting and leave it there.

It’s hardly like there was malicious intent or similar.

You may not like having to pay the ‘tax’ that is the TV licence, but look what you get for the money, fuck load of channels, terrestial and digital, radio, a website big enough to live in.
The key point though is something for everyone. Something of the size of the BBC is not going to be perfect and will always have room for improvement, and need the costs watching, just like it’s impartiality and you won’t like everything it does. But you will like some of it, because the other channels won’t want to/can’t afford to make some of the types of programmes that it does.
And most of it is better quality than the bullshit served up by the Murdoch empire.

So stop the hysteria and lets put things back into perspective, please. It’s only a childish joke that went wrong.

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