Twisted logic

October 31st, 2008 § 0 comments

I sat down at my desk at work this morning after my journey in, listening to how the Daily Mail had had it’s fill of the twitching carcass of the BBC and was sloping off to the nearset cave feeling smug.
There was a conversation going on about this and that and one of the women made the comment

If that girl had kept her legs shut, this wouldn’t have happened.

I wasn’t sure that I had heard her right, but yes she was actually apportioning blame for this whole sorry affair on Georgina Baillie.

What sort of twisted logic is going on there? There is no way that Georgina can be blamed for this. She may have slept with Russell, and you can debate the decision making process involved in that choice till you’re blue in the face, but it was Russell and Johnathon Ross that decided to put in a radio show and someone elses decision to broadcast it. The blame for this incident lays fairly and squarely with 3 people. Ross, Brand and the person who cleared it for broadcast (the buck stopped with Lesley Douglas, but it might not have been her that took the decision to air it).

There is no difference between blaming Georgina for this whole debacle and blaming rape on the rape victim.

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